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Volume 15, Issue5May/June, 2002

“Come on, guys. Look at yourselves! All you do is study. I’m going to show you the true meaning of college: we’re gonna go out and party!” – Homer J. Simpson Homer does have a point. It’s widely accepted that alcohol is a major part of campus life. Each year More

A few years ago, when I was Director of Communications at APS, I was always struck by the motto featured at the bottom of every piece of APS stationary: “Advancing the scientific discipline and the giving away of psychology in the public interest.” I know that the dedication to George More

Back in the 1950s, there was a time when every kid had a hoola hoop. If you didn’t, you were, well, nobody. A few years later, the fad was yo-yo’s. Everyone just had to have a yo-yo. If you didn’t, unbespeakable things would happen to you, at least in your More

When we talk about being happy, what do we really mean? We know that happiness comes from a variety of sources, depending upon a person’s point of view. But according to APS Fellow Daniel Kahneman, people don’t know how happy they are because happiness is so relative. Kahneman, a professor More

James Madison University School of Psychology MSC 7401 Harrisonburg, VA 22807 Contact: Jane Halonen 540-568-2555 Faculty Jane S. Halonen, Director Michael Stoloff, Undergraduate Director Lennis Echterling, Graduate Coordinator Steven Evans, Human Development Center Director Jeffrey Andre Kevin Apple Suzanne Baker Kenneth Barron James Benedict Jerry Benson JoAnne Brewster Douglas More