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Volume 14, Issue5May/June, 2001

Overview The ISU Department of Psychology is growing in both size and reputation. At present, we have 24 regular faculty: 11 Full Professors, 9 Associate Professors, and 4 Assistant Professors. We have hired 7 of these faculty in the last 3 years, and intend to hire 3 more this year. More

How is that we know so much about the way people think, learn and remember, but for the most part don’t use that knowledge in the classroom? This was the underlying theme when a select group of high-powered researchers and academics met at a conference on “Applying the Science of More

It was not quite the equivalent of the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925, when evolutionary science was itself in the dock, but psychological science’s credentials were in a sense on trial when scientists went to court as part of a University of Michigan affirmative action case a few months ago. More

Behavioral and social scientists have complained over the years that federal human subject regulations place needless restrictions on their research. I disagree. In the six years I spent as an IRB chairperson and the 12 years I spent as a federal regulator in the Office for Protection from Research Risks More

The ponies are off and running in the annual race we call the federal budget process. Competing interests are jockeying for position, and even though the country is no longer saddled with a deficit, it appears that President Bush is trying to rein in spending for science and health, with More

A Response to Lilienfeld, Woods and Garb TAT-Based Personality Measures Have Considerable Validity By Barbara A. Woike1 and Dan P. McAdams2 The November 2000 issue of Psychological Science in the Public Interest (Vol 1, No. 2) entitled “The Scientific Status of Projective Techniques” by Lilienfeld, Woods, and Garb does not More

To me, evil means great human destructiveness. Evil can come in an obvious form, such as a genocide. Or it can come in smaller acts of persistent harm doing, the effects of which accumulate, like parents being hostile and punitive, or a child being picked on by peers day after More