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Volume 19, Issue3March, 2006
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Volume 19, Issue3March, 2006

How We Learn

Within the past few years, there has been a great upsurge of interest and excitement about basic and translational research More

Test Enhanced Learning

The key idea underlying our research is that frequent classroom testing (and student self-testing) can greatly improve education from kindergarten More

Temporal Spacing and Learning

Studies going back a century and more have found that spacing learning episodes across time sometimes enhances memory. The so-called More

Wired History

With just a few clicks of the mouse, there they are: over 250 of the most historic works in the More

Just Published

“Just Published” announces new books by APS Members. If you have published a book within the past year, e-mail a More

Mavis Hetherington

Mavis Hetherington, pioneer explorer of family dynamics, is a victim of happenstance. She really wanted to write fiction, taking psychology More

William James at Stanford

I was pleased to see a historically oriented piece in the January 2006 issue of the APS Observer [“William James&#8217 More

Test-enhanced Learning

Every student hates tests, and teachers often aren’t fond of them either. A pain to study for and a pain More

Disaster Relief

Six months after Hurricane Katrina displaced residents of the Gulf Coast areas of Louisiana and Mississippi, relief efforts are still More

Call for Applications

The APS Teaching Fund invites applications for small (up to $5,000), non-renewable grants to launch new projects that are designed More

Malcolm in the Middle

It takes Malcolm Gladwell exactly one sentence into the first chapter of his book, Blink, to mention a psychologist. That’s More