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Volume 18, Issue3March, 2005
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Volume 18, Issue3March, 2005

The Academic Observer Responds

Answers to letters regarding the column, ‘Why Are Textbooks So Expensive?‘ I appreciate the many constructive comments exploring various points… More

Lost in Translation

Within days of the earthquake that struck northwest of Sumatra, Indonesia, triggering a tsunami that barreled across the Indian Ocean… More

Reality Check

See Also: Could Reality Shows Become Reality Experiments? See: the world of reality television. The cast members bear little resemblance… More

Behavioral Research at NIMH

Several issues were raised in the Observer article (“Hitting the Bricks,” February 2005) about NIMH funding for basic behavioral science… More


Gazzaniga to Direct Science of Learning Center The National Science Foundation has awarded $21.8 million to Dartmouth College to establish… More