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Volume 14, Issue3March, 2001

Herbert A. Simon APS Fellow Herbert A. Simon, winner of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Economics and many prestigious international scientific awards for his work in cognitive psychology and computer science, died February 9th at the age of 84.Simon, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, died at Presbyterian University Hospital More

Writing an obituary for a treasured friend and colleague engenders both sadness and satisfaction. Sadness because it punctures another hole in your heart, satisfaction because you can put into words, however inadequate, why you treasured his presence. I have a list of individuals whom I consider underappreciated in American psychology More

Overview The University of Kentucky was founded in 1865 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College and was renamed the University of Kentucky in 1916. The university has 1,813 full time faculty members, 16,847 undergraduates, and 4,822 graduate students. UK is a Carnegie Class I research university, one of only 59 More

Relevant Internet Sites Federal Office for Human Research Protections Department of Health and Human Services Federal Regulations humansubjects/guidance/45cfr46.htm FAQ’s on the Requirement for Education on the Protection of Human Subjects in Research policy/hs_educ_faq.htm National Bioethics Advisory Commission IRB … Mention these three little letters at any More

BIODIVERSITY: The variability among living organisms on several levels, including genetic variability within and among species, the variety of species within a region, and the distribution of species within ecosystems.DIVERSITAS: An international program of scientific research established to promote and catalyze knowledge about biodiversity. PSYCHOLOGY: A discipline that can contribute More

Animal research has made contributions to virtually every area of psychology. Although ethical issues regarding the use of animals can arise in any psychology course, this is particularly likely to occur in courses dealing with the brain and behavior. Thus, it is important for instructors of such courses to include More

Assume that you have a younger sibling who is going to be a college freshman next Fall. Assume further that this particular sibling actually believes that you may have learned something – that is, that you may be a source of good advice on how to succeed in college. Drawing More