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Volume 20, Issue6June/July, 2007
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Volume 20, Issue6June/July, 2007

Not So Situational

To the editor: We are concerned by the message that has been conveyed to the general public regarding the power… More

The Mothers Were Rats

To the editor: It was more than a little surprising to read Wray Herbert’s review of Sharon Begley’s book, Train… More

Survival of the Steadiest

When I first studied psychology some years ago, personality typing was really big. Students would fill out batteries of tests… More

Not Always Smooth Sailing

We met at an anti-Vietnam War protest in 1971. Jerry was an associate professor and Judy was a graduate student… More

Twelve Tips for Authors

One of the most critical skills for academic psychologists is writing the empirical journal article. Yes, other forms of communication… More

We Need a Second NIH

“In my opinion, the greatest risk for science is to stop taking risks,” Elias A. Zerhouni, director of the National… More

Get a (Second) Life

As a psychology researcher, imagine being able to get a group of people together in a social environment where they… More

Samuel Komorita Remembered

APS Fellow and Charter Member Sam Komorita, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Illinois, died of emphysema on… More