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Volume 19, Issue6June, 2006
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Volume 19, Issue6June, 2006

Why Bowlers Smile

In March 1980, Senator William Proxmire (D-Wisc) awarded the National Institute for Mental Health a Golden Fleece Award for funding More

What We Can Do

The Golden Fleece is a thing of the past, but the threat to our field that his Award represented is More

The Miller’s Tale

George Miller, the man who launched the cognitive revolution, traces his scientific pedigree back to genesis. No, not that Genesis More

A Miser, Not an Ideologue

On the sullied rolls of science bashers, the late William Proxmire is firmly established as a master by virtue of More

The h in Roediger

I read with great interest the recent column by Roddy Roediger on the use of the h index to assess More