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Volume 15, Issue6July/August, 2002

Human Subject Protection: IRBs Made (The Big) Easy! Hosted by: Jeffery Cohen, Office of Human Research Protections and Barbara Spellman, University of Virginia Jeffery Cohen, federal Office for Human Research Protections, addresses the issues of risk and harm and informed consent in behavioral science research involving human participants. Some issues More

The Auditory System as a Window onto Human Prenatal Development and Sexual Differentiation Presenter: Dennis McFadden, The University of Texas at Austin Introduced by: Elaine Hull, State University of New York – Buffal Pop culture likens the differences between the sexes to planetary origins other than Earth. It might explain More

Do Americans Feel Ashamed for Anti-Arab Prejudice Since September 11th? Presenter: Toni Schmader, The University of Arizona Co-Authors: Brian Lickel, University of Southern California; Michael Johns and Marchelle Barquissau, The University of Arizona The researchers examined whether Americans experienced vicarious shame (feelings of shame for acts committed by others) for More

The Physiological Detection of Deception: Where are We and What Lies Ahead? Presenters: William Iacono, University of Minnesota The Scientific Basis of Polygraph Testing John Allen, University of Arizona The Promise and Limitations of ERP’s for Assessing Deception J. Pete Rosenfeld, Northwestern University Countermeasures to P300 Amplitude-Based Guilty Knowledge Tests More

Understanding Negative Consequences of High Self-Esteem: The Role of Defensiveness Presenter: Kathleen M. J. Hoffman, University of California, Los Angeles Co-Author: Traci Mann, University of California, Los Angeles We live in a society where high self-esteem is synonymous with – and believed to be essential to – well being. And More

Psi Chi Workshop I’m Finally Out of School! What Do I Do Now?: Career Options in Psychology Chair: Elizabeth Yost Hammer, Loyola University Participants: Peter J. Giodano, Belmont University Elliott D. Hammer, Xavier University Jesse E. Purdy, Southwestern University When you tell people that you were a psychology major, how More