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Volume 19, Issue1January, 2006
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Volume 19, Issue1January, 2006

What’s in a Name?

Starting a column about APS changing its name with the famous question Juliet posed to Romeo in their eponymous play More

Photoshop Your Past

Altered photographs — a classic device of spies and repressive governments — can be used to manipulate perceptions of public More

Too Sexy for Your Shirt?

Men everywhere want to know: What makes a man attractive to women? Poor dears – they’re so confused. Sometimes women More

HIV/AIDS and Drug Use

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has launched a new public awareness campaign highlighting the link between the spread More

Just Published

Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods: Evolutionary, Developmental, and Cultural Perspectives Barry S. Hewlett, (ed.) and Michael E. Lamb, (ed.) 2005 Transaction Publishers ISBN More

Everything Old Is New Again

APS Members have spoken. And they have, overwhelmingly, voted to change our name to the Association for Psychological Science. The More

Psychology by Design

Too bad the phrase “intelligent design” is already taken (especially because it is neither). It would be the perfect name More