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Volume 20, Issue7August, 2007
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Volume 20, Issue7August, 2007

Intelligence Redefined

According to traditional intelligence paradigms, intelligence peaks around the age of 25. Discouraging news for the 26 and over set… More

PSPI Symposium

Valerie F. Reyna (Cornell; left) and Stephen D. Penrod (John Jay College; middle), this year’s presenters at the Psychological Science… More

The End of the End of Ideology

In the aftermath of World War II, many social scientists claimed that individual citizens’ political attitudes lacked the consistency to… More

Award Addresses

Further coverage of the Award Addresses will appear in upcoming Observers William James Fellows The William James Fellow Award honors… More

Decisions, Decisions

The themed program “Risky Decision-Making Across the Lifespan” at the APS 19th Annual Convention included a symposium on everything from… More