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Volume 18, Issue8August, 2005
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Volume 18, Issue8August, 2005


Becoming Symbol-Minded

“Our symbolic ability is our defining characteristic of what it means to be a human being,” according to APS Fellow… More

Animated Expressions

One of the buzz-generating highlights of the APS Annual Convention in Los Angeles was an “animated” roundtable discussion between Pete… More

Liar, Liar, Brains on Fire

Richard Milhouse Nixon, perhaps the most recognizable public deceiver of the 20th century, once said, “I don’t know anything about… More

APS Veterans

APS Veterans: Helen Murphy and Cyrilla Wideman. To Cyrilla H. Wideman and Helen M. Murphy, John Carroll University researchers who… More

Silver Screen Psychology

A distraught father sorts through mementos of his missing daughter, replaying in memory the last conversation he had with her… More

Know Thy Self

Self-knowledge is a perennial ideal in philosophy, but one that is seldom if ever attained. Benjamin Franklin wrote in his… More

History, Her Story

‘That Woman’ By Frank Landy SHL Landy Jacobs, Inc. USA 2005 APS Annual Convention. I had decided the topic would… More

Adaptations of the Brain

In the complex studies of neurons and gray matter, cognitive psychologist Stephen Engel is sticking to the basics. Engel, a… More

Convention Snapshots

Judy DeLoache discusses how children become symbolminded. Her Bring the Family Address centered on the challenges children face and “how… More

Genetic Environment

The researchers used every medium from Canadian lab mice to Indian Rhesus monkeys to human twins, all in the pursuit… More

Dropping The Ball

“If you don’t want to discover true associations, ignore what is going on among modern [statistical] techniques,” said Rand Wilcox… More