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Volume 18, Issue4April, 2005
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Volume 18, Issue4April, 2005

Marketing Psychology

Kathleen Vohs, Canada Research Chair in Marketing Science and Consumer Psychology in the Sauder School of Business, on how integrating… More

Intellectual Genealogy

Two decades ago the idea of tracing one’s genealogy swept through American society, and many people began uncovering their pasts… More

Income and Happiness

Martin Seligman and I, as well as many others, have now collected a substantial amount of data on the relation… More

Mind Over Money

Emerging Discipline Looks at the Neurobiology of Economic Decision Making Having given themselves over to the messy emotional forces and… More

The Future Work Force

Some I/O psychologists measuring workforce trends fear a shortage of labor and talent; others see an increase in global job… More

A World of Difference

Once dominated by American standards, business schools around the globe are taking a more international approach to teaching. The idea… More

Making Memories

Continuing an illustrious career as a memory researcher and advocate for scientific freedom, Grawemeyer Award winner Elizabeth Loftus is applying… More


Nice Pair of Genes A study of twins by APS Fellow and Charter Member J. Philippe Rushton, University of Western… More

Forum Letters

‘Tips’ Not Cutting Edge I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE purpose of the Observer column “Teaching Tips,” nor do I understand what… More

Desperately Seeking Phil

It grew gradually throughout the year and reached a thundering crescendo that could no longer be ignored: A column on… More