APS 2024 Annual Convention Press Policies

The Association for Psychological Science (APS) welcomes media participation at APS 2024. Please note that the following policies govern the behavior of registered media attending the convention.

I. Embargo Policy

  1. When meeting abstracts are available publicly, either electronically or in print, they are not embargoed.
  2. Abstracts reflect the situation at the time of submission and often do not correspond exactly to the paper that is ultimately presented, usually months later. Reporters should note that preparing a story based exclusively on an abstract is ill-advised.
  3. Some results to be presented at APS 2024 are also the subject of papers whose manuscripts have already been published in scholarly journals. Such publicly available results are not embargoed.
  4. Interviews with presenters, as well as graphics, animations, and other information to be presented for the first time at the meeting, are not embargoed.

For journalists, this policy means that anything already made public (for example, abstracts, online preprints, published papers) is fair game.

II. Press Attendee Policies

Meeting Admission

Registered media are required to wear the APS 2024 media badge at all times while on site at the annual meeting. Entry into sessions requires a badge. A reporter’s credentials may be revoked for abuse of any access or privileges obtained.

Registered media may attend the following programs and sessions at no charge:

  • Symposia
  • Poster sessions
  • Flash talks
  • Invited addresses

Registered media do NOT have complimentary access to the following programs and sessions:

  • Workshops
  • Teaching Institute

Photography, Video, and Audio Recording

APS has the following policies regarding the use of video and audio recording equipment at ICPS:

  • Registered media may photograph or audio record any APS program or session.
  • Video recording of APS programs or sessions is prohibited.
  • Video interviews may be conducted. Interviews can be set up beforehand.

Disclaimer: Photos of copyrighted material reprinted without the prior consent of the study author/presenter is strictly prohibited.

APS reserves the right to grant press privileges to individuals on a case-to-case basis. Media are highly encouraged to pre-register.