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Invited Symposium: Emotion and Psychopathology

Emotion and Psychopathology Ann M. Kring, chair University of California, Berkeley Presenters Sheri Johnson University of Miami Jon Rottenberg University of South Florida Jon Kassel University of Illinois-Chicago James J. […]... More>

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Designing for Dissemination: For Rimer, Driving Application Means Using a New Map

IN PERHAPS THE SPIRIT of Frank Lloyd Wright, master architect, urging a client to accept the stylistic dialogue between his building and its surrounding environment, Barbara K. Rimer is urging […]... More>

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Translation the Topic at NIDDK: ‘Clinic to Community’ Conference Raises Questions, Answers, Hope

Before the seats in the National Institutes of Health Natcher Conference Center were fully occupied, the coffee fully cooled, the whispers fully hushed, Roland “Red” Hiss addressed the auditorium with […]... More>

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NINDS Researches Social Decision-Making

Imagine politicians using functional magnetic resonance imaging in focus groups to plot their campaigns and craft their messages. Or the marketers of everything from candy to Cadillacs using it to […]... More>

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NIDCD Supports Collaborative Efforts in Translational Research

It all started on a racquetball court around 1990. Stephen Camarata and Keith Nelson had come to Pennsylvania State University from two different worlds: Nelson a developmental psychologist, and Camarata […]... More>