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Some Ins and Outs of Being a Couple in Psychology

We didn’t begin on an equal footing, which would have been almost impossible in the 1950s, but we began in a not unfamiliar way: George was five years older and […]... More>

On Being a Couple in Psychology

“I’m looking for Dr. Gardner,” Ellen said to the distinctly rumpled back of a young man bending over getting something out of a file cabinet. He stood up, turned around, […]... More>

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Dynamic Duos – Nature vs. Nurture

Although we were invited to write about what life is like together for couples who are both psychological scientists rather than about our research, in our case, research played such […]... More>

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Freedom, Flexibility, and Never Finished

DYNAMIC DUOS Step aside, Survivor. Time’s up, 24. Get lost, Lost. This season’s hottest reality series is right here in the Observer! Okay, now that we have your attention: the […]... More>

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Psychology’s Theory of Relativity: When Research Is All in the Family

Most families on a long road trip pass the time by singing songs, playing 20 questions, or spotting license plates from distant states. But for the Fiskes, hours on the […]... More>