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Competent Testimony Requires Competent Interviewers

6th Annual Convention James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award Address Michael E. Lamb, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, delivers his James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award Address, “Children Are […]... More>

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Making a Connection

16th Annual Convention William James Fellow Award Address McClelland Attributes Learning, Memory, and Cognitive Development to a Strong Neuron Network James L. McClelland, Carnegie Mellon University, describes his distributed connectionist […]... More>

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Toward a Psychology of Human Agency

Albert Bandura, Stanford University Bandura Skinner and other classic behaviorists argued that human behavior is a product of environment. But even Skinner realized this could not be completely true, as […]... More>

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Deconstructing Depression: A Diathesis-Stress Perspective

APS Student Member George M. Slavich receives the first APS/Psi Chi Albert Bandura Award at the APS Annual Convention Opening Ceremony. Slavich is a graduate teaching fellow at the University […]... More>

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Invited Symposium: Meet the Amygdala

A More Social View of the Human Amygdala Paul Whalen, chair University of Wisconsin-Madison Presenters Elizabeth A. Phelps New York University Andrea Heberlein University of Pennsylvania/ Chidren’s Hospital of Philadelphia […]... More>