Bi men exist, new study says

The Bay Area Reporter:

A new study using improved methodology has debunked previous findings suggesting that self-identified bisexual men are not actually attracted to both men and women.

Looking at a more carefully selected study population, researchers from Northwestern University found that bi men demonstrated sexual arousal when shown explicit movies featuring both men and women.

“Although it’s obvious to those of us who identify as bisexual men that we exist and that our sexual attractions are valid, this research has righted a tremendous wrong,” said Ron Suresha, editor of the anthologies Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way and Bi Guys. “It’s like an ancient myth has just disappeared and in its place we have discovered the bisexual individual.”

The earlier research, conducted by Michael Bailey and colleagues at Northwestern and published in the August 2005 issue of Psychological Science, was described in a New York Times article with the provocative headline “Gay, Straight, or Lying: Bisexuality Revisited.”

The study measured genital arousal patterns of 101 self-identified gay, straight, and bisexual men as they watched film clips showing sex between two men or between two women.

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