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Reminders of Death Can Sway Political Attitudes

From one day to the next, approval ratings of political figures can plummet or soar and psychological scientists have long been trying to identify the cognitive factors that might account for the vagaries of public opinion. Why, for example, did the approval ratings of President George W. Bush— who was perceived as indecisive before September 11, 2001—soar over 90 percent after the terrorist attacks? Because Americans were acutely aware of their own deaths. ... More>

Dreadful Deaths: Cycling Through Fear

Cycles of Dread: The Terror in Terrorism

Almost 3000 people died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That includes the victims in or near the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and all the passengers in the four commandeered […]... More>

How We Know You (Might Be) Lying

Presidential Column

The Value(s) of IRBs

Guest columnist Scott Atran discusses the relationship between terrorism research and institutional review boards. ... More>