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Why (some) people drown their sorrows

Imagine that you just lost your job. The bad news came without warning—a company downsizing. You’re one more casualty of the recession. So naturally you’re feeling lousy, and what’s more, […]... More>

The Straight Dope: Studies Suggest Parental Monitoring Can Help Decrease Adolescent Marijuana Use

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug by adolescents, with almost 42% of high school seniors admitting to having experimented with it. Continued marijuana use may result in a […]... More>

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Women and Substance Abuse

In the fight against substance abuse, women are battling tougher odds with fewer weapons. That was the message from a panel of behavioral scientists and community health advocates at a […]... More>

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Transdisciplinary Omelet: NIDA Grantees Are Cooking up a New Approach to Keeping Kids off Drugs

“Just say no!” didn’t do it. Project DARE didn’t do it either. Neither did “This is your brain on drugs,” coupled with images of an egg frying. Now, two multimillion-dollar […]... More>