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Being Ashamed of Drinking Prompts Relapse, Not Recovery

Shame About Past Alcoholism Predicts Relapse and Declining Health in Recovering Alcoholics

Feeling shame about past instances of problem drinking may increase the likelihood of relapse and other health problems, according to a new study in Clinical Psychological Science. ... More>

On the Trail of the Orchid Child

Scientific papers tend to be loaded with statistics and jargon, so it’s always a delightful surprise to stumble on a nugget of poetry in an otherwise technical report. So it […]... More>

Genetic roots of ‘orchid’ children

Genes May Contribute to a Child’s Bad Behavior, but Only When Parents Are Distant

Is bad behavior determined by a child’s genes? A new study has found that a particular gene has some influence on whether or not adolescents show alarming behaviors—but only if their parents aren't keeping tabs on them. While this gene, which has been linked to alcoholism, has only a small effect on the risk of behavioral problems by itself, psychological scientists view this finding as an opportunity to understand how genetic risk combines with environmental factors to contribute to psychological outcomes and disorders.... More>