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Older Adult Clumsiness Linked to Brain Changes

Some of the day-to-day reaching-and-grasping difficulties experienced by older adults may be caused by changes in the mental frame of reference that they use to visualize nearby objects. ... More>

New Research on Aging From Psychological Science

A sample of new and exciting research on cognitive and perceptual processes in aging. ... More>

Causation Warps Our Perception of Time

You push a button to call the elevator to your floor and you wait for what seems like forever, thinking it must be broken. When your friend pushes the button, the elevator appears within 10 seconds. “She must have the magic touch,” you say to yourself. This episode reflects what philosophers and psychological scientists call “temporal binding”: events that occur close to one another in time and space sometimes are “bound” together and we perceive them as meaningful episodes. ... More>

Get Me Out of this Slump! Visual Illusions Improve Sports Performance

With the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament underway, college basketball fans around the United States are in the throes of March Madness. Anyone who has seen a game knows that […] More>