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A more peaceful world if women in charge?

The Unreal World: ‘Carnage’ and child bullying

Betsy Levy Paluck

Princeton University, USA What does your research focus on? I’m interested in prejudice and conflict reduction. I’m especially interested in developing and testing theory using field experiments with real […]... More>

Better Angels, Believe It or Not

Two World Wars, the Cold War, and the rise of terrorism must make the past century one of the most violent in the history of our species, right? Not according to Harvard psychologist and APS member Steven Pinker whose new book, The Better Angels of our Nature, argues that violence is declining. According to Pinker, we are actually living in the most peaceful era in human history.... More>

Why Does Conflict Arise When Social Identity is Threatened?

Be it at school, office, the neighborhood or the community people live in, conflicting situations amongst various groups might arise on an almost day to day basis. Today, the prevalence of these intergroup conflicts is on the rise and has resulted in minor disagreements amongst friends to waging full scale wars between countries.... More>