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Interested in Becoming an APSSC Student Reviewer?

The APSSC is currently offering motivated graduate and undergraduate student affiliates the opportunity to serve as reviewers for the Student Grant Competition. As a reviewer you will evaluate the merit […]... More>

A More Inclusive Look at Singleness

Past research on how single individuals are perceived has assumed that targets were heterosexual, so Gal Slonim and colleagues designed a study that took sexual orientation into account. ... More>

This Swag Says Psychological Science

You’ll talk the talk when you present your research at the 24th APS Annual Convention in Chicago, Illinois. So walk the walk too, in the latest APS swag! ... More>

Teaching Tips

What Can We Do About Student E-mails?

Steffen Wilson and Dan Florell offer advice for teachers dealing with inappropriate content in student e-mails. ... More>

Member Article

Improving Students’ Writing With Wikipedia

Enhance students’ writing with this step-by-step process from Margaret P. Munger. ... More>