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APS is calling on psychological scientists to support the Association’s mission to deploy the power of Wikipedia to represent scientific psychology as fully and as accurately as possible and thereby to promote the free teaching of psychology worldwide.

More than 3,300 psychological scientists and their students have joined the APS Wikipedia Initiative (APSWI) by editing and rating article quality and students, under the supervision of their professors, are using Wikipedia entries as course writing assignments. The APSWI portal helps set up a class, makes assignments, tracks individual student contributions, and supports peer review.

REPORT: Wikipedia Classroom Experiment
Bidirectional benefits of students’ engagement in online production communities

Using Wikipedia for Writing
Assignments in Your Classroom

APS Wikipedia Initiative Webinar
Using Wikipedia Writing in Psychology Classes

To find out more about using Wikipedia in the classroom and about tools to help with classroom assignments, join the “Wikipedia in the Classroom” list by completing this short form.

APS Convention Symposium: Wikipedia in the Classroom: Initial Responses to the Call to Action

To create a class assignment and guide you through the editing process, researches at Carnegie Mellon University developed the APSWI portal which includes:

  • Tutorial materials introducing Wikipedia, the Wikipedia community, and the editing process
  • Tools to set up a class, make assignments, track individual student contributions, and allow for peer review
  • Easy ways to connect contributors to fellow volunteers and to Wikipedia experts

Such work teaches students:

  • that even the simplest ideas are hard to communicate to general audiences
  • the importance of logic, strength of argument, flow and clarity of writing, and citations of the appropriate literature
  • the significance of accuracy in scientific writing

Goals of the APS Wikipedia Initiative (APSWI):

  • Ensure that articles about psychological research and theory are accurate, up-to-date, complete and written in a style appropriate for the general public
  • Improve and review articles to Good Article and Featured Article quality
  • Assess psychology-related articles and tag them appropriately when there are problems

There are three easy steps to join the
APS Wikipedia Initiative:

1. Create Wikipedia Account
(If you already have a Wikipedia
account, you’re ready for Step 2)

2. Register with the APS Wikipedia Initiative

3. Specify your interest and expertise

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