More than 3,300 psychological scientists and their students have joined the APS Wikipedia Initiative (APSWI) by editing and rating article quality and students, under the supervision of their professors, are using Wikipedia entries as course writing assignments.

The goal of APSWI is to make information about psychology on Wikipedia as complete and accurate as possible. APS is calling on you to support the Association’s mission to deploy the power of Wikipedia to represent psychological science as fully as possible and thereby to promote the free teaching of psychology worldwide.


Why Wikipedia?
When the general public searches for information about psychology, the top search results are Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia is the fifth most visited site on the Internet, making it the go-to resource for information on every topic, and all the content has been written by volunteers like you. As psychological scientists, it’s your responsibility to ensure the psychology information on Wikipedia is reliable.


Teaching with Wikipedia
The easiest way to improve psychology on Wikipedia is to make editing articles part of a course writing assignment, in which students contribute content to Wikipedia in place of a traditional research paper.

Students gain valuable experience from writing Wikipedia articles:

  • communicating effectively to general audiences
  • supporting statements with proper citations
  • organizing their writing for logical flow and clarity
  • responding to comments from reviewers

To support classroom activities, APS has partnered with The Wikipedia Education Program supported by the Wiki Education Foundation.


Other Ways to Help

Become a Volunteer Editor. APS members are using their expertise to revise and update Wikipedia articles about core topics in psychological science.

Become a Volunteer Rater. APS members are rating Wikipedia article quality to highlight those most in need of revision.


Ready to get started?

To facilitate classroom activities, APS has partnered with The Wikipedia Education Program supported by the Wiki Education Foundation. A Wiki Education Foundation staff member or volunteer will help you craft an assignment that enables your students to improve Wikipedia articles on psychology. Wiki Ed has online training materials for you and your students, volunteers to help you when you have questions, and handouts for you to distribute to students in class.

APS recommends that you work with the Wiki Education Foundation to develop your course writing assignments. If you decide not to use Wiki Ed resources for your class, please contact APS to let us know you are using Wikipedia in your coursework. If you have used the APS Wikipedia portal in the past, or have questions about the APS Wikipedia Initiative, please contact APS.