APS-ESCOP: Where Is Embodiment Going?

A Plenary Symposium on Embodiment at the 17th Meeting of the

European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP)


30 September 2011 l Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain  

14:20 – 16:00   l   Kursaal Congress Centre


Where Is Embodiment Going?


Details at www.bcbl.eu/events/escop2011/conference/verdetalle/1301994306  

Included in registration for the ESCOP Meeting: www.bcbl.eu/events/escop2011


Sponsored by

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Gün R Semin, Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Where embodiment is going: Deeper into the body and further into culture
Arthur Glenberg, Arizona State University, USA

Wiping the slate clean: How we wash off guilt, doubts, luck, and other traces of the past
Norbert Schwarz and Spike W.S. Lee, University of Michigan, USA

The embodiment of abstract concepts and words: Why emotion matters
Gabriella Vigliocco, UCL, UK

Embodied cognition 2.0
Bernhard Hommel, Leiden University, NL