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Like Humans, Monkey See, Monkey Plan, Monkey Do

How many times a day do you grab objects such as a pencil or a cup? We perform these tasks without thinking, however the motor planning necessary to grasp an […]... More>

Got Sugar? Glucose Affects Our Ability to Resist Temptation

New research from a lab at Florida State University reveals that self-control takes fuel — literally. When we exercise it, resisting temptations to misbehave, our fuel tank is depleted, making […]... More>

What’s in a Name? Initials Linked to Success, Study Shows

Do you like your name and initials? Most people do and, as past research has shown, sometimes we like them enough to influence important behaviors. For example, Jack is more […]... More>

Letter/Observer Forum

Is Fraud Really Gone?

The article “Highs and Lows on the Fraud Frontier” by Daniel S. Greenberg (Observer Vol. 20, No. 9) poses the question “Whatever happened to scientific fraud?” It’s a worthy topic […]... More>

Presidential Column

The Structure of Psychology

In my first three Presidential Columns, I discussed the evidence that psychology has become a hub scientific discipline, that the creation of psychological knowledge is increasingly the product of scientific […]... More>