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Women’s Understanding Of Personal Breast Cancer Risk — Does Education Level Matter?

A woman’s understanding of her own breast cancer risk is an important precursor for care. A valid estimate would allow for a greater opportunity to consider early detection modalities and chemopreventive medications. The objective of this study is to compare patients’ perceived breast cancer risk versus their calculated risk and More

Child Abuse Witness Status, Gender, Adult Victimization Risk and Adult Victimization Acknowledgement

Witnessing abuse as a child and adult IPV or rape victimization acknowledgement were assessed. Male witnesses reported higher victimization than non-witnesses. Male and female witnesses were more likely than non-witnesses to acknowledge physical victimization. Male witnesses were less likely to acknowledge sexual victimization. Implications for child abuse witnesses were discussed. More

Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, and Abuse Severity

The impact of ethnicity, SES, and abuse severity on psychopathology following IPV was assessed. Overall, Caucasians reported more psychopathology than African Americans. Low SES predicted higher psychopathology for African Americans with high abuse severity, but not Caucasians at all abuse levels. Ethnic and SES sensitive interventions are discussed. Emily A. More

An Assessment of the Validity of a Self-Scored Creativity Test

We assessed the Purdue Creativity test’s self-scoring system by comparing self-scores of 92 AP Psychology students to the scores given by a panel of the student’s peers. We found that there was, on average, a 7.08% exaggeration of self-score as well as a positive correlation between self-scores and that exaggeration. More

Overreactions to Interpersonal Events

Participants described and answered questions about situations in which they experienced negative emotions as the result of another person’s behavior. Participants’ reactions to these situations were explained by their perceptions of social exchange rule violations, controlling for the tangible consequences of the events and effects on their self-views. Kate J. More