Hyesung Grace Hwang

“Pupillary Reactivity to Social Exclusion: A Window into the Mechanism behind Social Exclusion Detection” Social exclusion causes distress. However, physiological mechanisms behind such distress responses are unclear. We investigated whether pupil dilation, an automatic physiological response, occurs when excluded by humans versus computers. Pupil dilation increased after exclusion by both More

Raffles Cowan

“Core Beliefs in Late Adolescence: Factor Structure and Implications for Psychosis, Depression, and Anxiety” Core beliefs contribute to development of psychosis, depression, and anxiety. We found that core beliefs were more factorially complex and linked to attenuated psychotic symptoms in adolescents at ultra-high risk for psychosis, and that they were More

Adrienne Romer

“Structural Alterations within Cerebellar Circuitry Are Associated with General Liability for Common Mental Disorders” We examined structural neural correlates of a general psychopathology factor in a large sample of young adults. We identified reduced cortico-cerebellar white matter integrity and gray matter volume as transdiagnostic correlates, suggesting that this circuitry supporting More