How Cyclical Thinking Might Help You Save Money

Pacific Standard: Whether it’s a lack of decent-paying jobs or an advertising-induced confusion between wants and needs or a propensity to spend without simultaneously practicing the refined art of saving, many Americans reside in financially precarious conditions. National household debt, for example, is on the rise, with consumers currently owing More

Increase Savings with a Cyclical Mindset Towards Time

Lifehacker: Think of time as a set of cyclical experiences instead of a linear goal-oriented approach. That shift in your mindset could end up increasing your short-term personal savings, according to findings published in the journal Psychological Science. People who think about savings in linear terms may be overly optimistic More

Zyklisches Denken hilft beim Sparen (Cyclical thinking helps savings)

ORF Austria: Weihnachten ist nicht gerade die beste Zeit, um sich Gedanken übers Sparen zu machen. Während das Weihnachtsgeld direkt in Geschenke, Punsch und Skiausflüge investiert wird, schaffen es die Wenigsten, noch ein paar Ersparnisse ins neue Jahr zu retten. Dennoch: Die Österreicher wollen sparen. Laut einer Umfrage der Erste More

Why Does Time Fly as We Get Older?

Scientific American: Another year; another Christmas around the corner. The conversation around the watercooler these days has evolved into the annual “where has the time gone?” discussion—how quickly the neighborhood kids have become high school graduates; how our hot July beach vacations seem like they were just yesterday; and how More