Social Neuroscience

How We Think Before We Speak: Making Sense of Sentences

We engage in numerous discussions throughout the day, about a variety of topics, from work assignments to the Super Bowl to what we are having for dinner that evening. We effortlessly move from conversation to conversation, probably not thinking twice about our brain’s ability to understand everything that is being More

Your Mom was Wrong: Horseplay is an Important Part of Development

Playground roughhousing has long been a tradition of children and adolescents, much to the chagrin of several generations of parents who worry that their child will be hurt or worse, become accustom to violence and aggression.  But animal research may paint a different portrait of rough and tumble play; one More

The Ties That Bind Us: Social Neuroscience Provides Cerebral Answers to Life’s Social Problems

Social neuroscience assumes that the essential mechanisms of mind and behavior can only be explained by a partnership between biological and social approaches. Researchers in social neuroscience use various methodologies and levels of analysis in their pursuit of ever more broader, more comprehensive, theories of social processes and behavior. Like More