It’s not an April fool’s joke, we swear! An upcoming study in Psychological Science found that when we’re controlling our bladder, we’re better at controlling ourselves when making decisions about the future. In one experiment, volunteers were asked to either drink a large or small amount of water. Once enough More

Every year the holidays put us grownups through the same wringer. Sometime late in December, we remember that the “holiday spirit” is really not about eager anticipation and indulgence; it is about controlling ourselves, resisting temptations, mastering our urges. All that food, occasions to drink a little or a lot More

Late holiday shoppers will soon be rushing out to get the things they’d planned to buy way back in November, when they made those well-intentioned lists. And by New Year’s, people will start thinking about projects: updating that resume, cleaning out the attic, starting that exercise routine. But the sad More