Media Indonesia: Para ilmuwan mengklaim, setelah menemukan bahwa orang yang terlalu bahagia mati lebih muda daripada mereka yang lebih pesimistis. Berdasarkan Telegraph, para peneliti menemukan bahwa anak-anak yang dinilai sangat ceria di sekolah akan mati muda daripada teman sekelas mereka yang kebalikannya. Diyakini, itu semua karena anak yang ceria cenderung More

The Telegraph: Researchers found that children who are rated “highly cheerful” at school went onto die younger than their more reserved class mates. This is because they are likely to lead more carefree lives full of danger and unhealthy lifestyle choices, it is believed. They may also be more likely More


It seems like everyone wants to be happier and the pursuit of happiness is one of the foundations of American life. But even happiness can have a dark side, according to the authors of a new review article published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for More

“I’ve Got to Be a Macho, Macho Man.” Village People said it, but research has the science to back it up. An article published in Current Directions in Psychological Science explains that when men feel threatened, they use aggression to assert their machismo. In a series of studies, some men More

Daily Mail: Computer games about football make players more aggressive than violent ones, psychologists claim. While participants remain ‘numb’ when they see someone being ‘killed’ on screen, apparently harmless games that mirror real life can have a far greater effect. The study shows a complex link between the way viewers More

Telewizja Polska Spółka Akcyjna: Nie tylko mężczyźni na wysokich stanowiskach częściej zdradzają. Większą skłonność do oszukiwania swych partnerów wykazują też kobiety, które pną się po szczeblach kariery zawodowej – wykazały badania opublikowane w „Psychological Science”. Dr Joris Lammers, psycholog z uniwersytetu w Tilburg w Holandii, twierdzi, że prawdopodobieństwo dopuszczenia się More