When Thankfulness Can Hurt Us

U.S. News & World Report:  Todd Kashdan, a psychology professor at George Mason University, is one of those guys. The good kind. The type who, when the waiter brings the check, doesn’t miss a beat and offers his credit card before his friends do. But sometimes, one of Kashdan’s friends takes the gesture as a More

Your OkCupid Self

The New York Times: Who are you when you’re online dating? Are you your real self, stripped of the pretenses you put on when you’re out in the world? Do you take those pretenses with you when you log on? Or do you perhaps construct new ones, unique to the More

Spouse personality may affect career success

The Chicago Tribune: The personalities of husbands and wives may affect their spouses’ success at work, suggests a new study. Husbands and wives who were conscientious and helped create satisfying home lives for their spouses were linked to future job satisfaction, promotion and income, researchers found.  “The person that you marry More