For many people, religion is deeply ingrained in their day-to-day existence. It supports their faith and spirituality, and it provides friendship and a sense of community. But religion can also contribute to conflict, as in the Central African Republic, where Muslim and Christian groups are currently enmeshed in a violent More

Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: Racial Progress as Threat to the Status Hierarchy: Implications for Perceptions of Anti-White Bias Clara L. Wilkins and Cheryl R. Kaiser Researchers have found that perceptions of racial progress have been mirrored by an increase in perceptions of discrimination against Whites. In More

Chronology of a Career 1960-1963 Bronx High School of Science – has known since grade school that he will become a scientist. 1963-1968 Undergrad, Earlham College – ‘60s social and political climate piques interest in partying, and then psychology; eventually discovers experimental psychology. 1968-1969 Research Assistant, NY State – studies More