When God Sanctions Killing, the People Listen

New research published in the March issue of Psychological Science may help elucidate the relationship between religious indoctrination and violence, a topic that has gained renewed notoriety in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks.  In the article, University of Michigan psychologist Brad Bushman and his colleagues suggest that More

Animals and Androids: Associations Between Social Categories and Nonhumans

People view social groups as “less than human” in two very distinct ways according to an article published in the February issue of Psychological Science. New research from Stephen Loughnan and Nick Haslam at the University of Melbourne suggests that people often perceive social categories as either lacking characteristics that More

Alternative Futures for Our Science

This article is adapted from Walter Mischel’s talk at the plenary session on “The Future of Social-Personality Psychology,” presented at the annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, January 20, 2005, in New Orleans. When I think about the present and future of the field of social More