Personality Traits

With each new generation, Americans are growing more narcissistic. That assertion, which has been backed up by research, has spread widely, presumably because it makes intuitive sense. It’s easy to surmise that growing up in a world of selfies and social media would lead kids to worship their own reflections. However, this More

New York Magazine: To some people, the word “neurotic” can conjure images of a certain type of psychotherapy: Woody Allen types splayed out on long divans, with Freudian therapists sitting coolly behind them, asking vague questions about Oedipal complexes. Psychology’s come a long way since Freud, though, and today, this scenario feels More

Quartz: Neuroticism won’t make life more enjoyable, but it can help it last longer, according to a four-year study published this month in Psychological Science. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton, and University College London found that higher neuroticism was associated with a “reduced risk of death from all More