Personality Disorders

APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Scott O. Lilienfeld has been tapped as the new Editor of Clinical Psychological Science (CPS), succeeding Founding Editor Alan E. Kazdin. Lilienfeld is a professor of psychology at Emory University and an advocate for evidence-based treatments and methods within the field. He is known for More

Read about the latest research published in Clinical Psychological Science: Engaging With the Wrong People: The Basis of Selective Attention to Negative Faces in Social Anxiety Ben Grafton and Colin MacLeod Studies examining attentional bias toward negative social information — a vulnerability factor for social anxiety — have yielded inconsistent results. More

Business Insider: Who gets further at work — nice guys or jerks? It’s a question that’s plagued researchers for years, and unfortunately, there’s no clear answer. Now, new research suggests that jerks can sometimes be more successful, depending on the specific traits they display. For the study, cited by the Association More