Yahoo! France: Le jury international, présidé par le Pr. Albert Galaburda (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA), a décerné le 29 novembre 2011 le 20ème Prix de Neuropsychologie Jean-Louis Signoret de la Fondation Ipsen (20.000€) au Pr. Patricia K. Kuhl (Université de Washington, Seattle, États-Unis). Elle a été récompensée pour ses travaux More

Slate: Are male brains different from female brains? If so, how? And does it matter? This week, five researchers debated these questions at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Their panel session, “The Promise and Peril of Research on Sex Differences,” didn’t settle the controversy, because it isn’t binary More

International Business Times: Research on brain activity fails to support widely used approach to identify dyslexic students Regardless of high or low overall scores on an IQ test, children with dyslexia show similar patterns of brain activity, according to researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health. The results call More

Los Angeles Times: One’s intelligence appears unrelated to the specific brain pattern that causes dyslexia, researchers reported Thursday. The findings are important because they suggest that IQ shouldn’t be considered by education specialists when diagnosing dyslexia. In fact, doing say may bar some children from receiving special education services to More

Pursuing big questions in psychological science is an international effort. APS recently co-sponsored programs featuring cross-cutting research presentations by some of the most distinguished scientists in the field — “Social Psychology and the Neurosciences: Perspectives and Pitfalls” at the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP); “Exploring the Dynamic Interaction Between More