Life Satisfaction

A Stimulus/traits-organism-response (S/T-O-R) Model of Job Satisfaction

Over the years, situational and dispositional influences on job satisfaction has attracted much attention in the field of organizational behavior. Past research has yielded evidence that situational characteristics or environmental stimuli (S) affect job satisfaction (S-R model); and that personality traits (T) can be also a significant source of the More

Gli spazi verdi in città fanno bene all’umore (The green spaces in the city do good for your mood)

La Stampa: Parchi, giardini, e spazi verdi nelle aree urbane migliorano considerevolmente la qualità della vita delle persone che vivono in città. Lo afferma uno studio dell’università di Exeter, pubblicato sul Journal of Psychological Science. La ricerca si è basata sui dati relativi a 5,000 famiglie e 10.000 adulti seguiti More

Encountering Connections May Make Life Feel More Meaningful

Experiencing connections, regularities, and coherence in their environment may lead people to feel a greater sense of meaning in life, according to a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The research, conducted by graduate student Samantha Heintzelman of the University of Missouri More