Interpersonal Relationships

Putting a Little Personality Into Social Psychology (and Vice-Versa)

The personal and the social intertwine inextricably. In a 2011 paper published in the European Journal of Personality, a group of psychological scientists note that when we talk about an individual’s personality, part of what we are talking about is how that individual interacts with others. Furthermore, the scientists write More

Ed Diener

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign William James Fellow Award Nicknamed “Dr. Happiness,” Ed Diener is one of the leading pioneers in scientific research on happiness. He developed the Satisfaction with Life Scale and many other research protocols currently used by psychologists; he is chiefly responsible for coining and conceptualizing More

Chi non sa controllare i propri impulsi sceglie amici con i nervi saldi (Those with little self-control choose strong-willed friends)

La Stampa: Le persone che hanno difficoltà a mantenere l’autocontrollo tendono a preferire partner e amici dotati di un forte e radicato self-control. La propensione genera relazioni adattative che permettono di colmare all’esterno la carenza di controllo individuale. Lo dimostra una nuova ricerca condotta da Catherine Shea della Duke University More