Interpersonal Interaction

White as Snow, Black as Sin: The Colors of Moral Purity and Pollution

What do wedding dresses and doves have to do with toothpaste and soap? Psychologists Gary Sherman and Gerald Clore from the University of Virginia found that the perceptual symbols of purity, such as snow and doves, are associated with the color white and the feeling of cleanliness, while the symbols More

The Irony of Harmony: Why Positive Interactions May Sometimes be Negative

History abounds with examples of dramatic social change occurring when a disadvantaged group finally stands up and says “Enough!”. By recognizing their inequalities, members of disadvantaged groups can mobilize and attempt to bring about change. Traditional methods of improving relations between different racial and ethnic groups have focused on creating More

Are Power and Compassion Mutually Exclusive?

The fact that many cultures emphasize the concept of “noblesse oblige” (the idea that with great power and prestige come responsibilities) suggests that power may diminish a tendency to help others.  Psychologist Gerben A. van Kleef (University of Amsterdam) and his colleagues from University of California, Berkeley, examined how power More