Interpersonal Interaction

Positive family climate in teen years linked to happy marriage

Business Standard: Psychological scientist Robert Ackerman of the University of Texas at Dallas and colleagues wanted to examine whether positive interpersonal behaviours in families might also have long-lasting associations with future relationships. The researchers examined longitudinal data from individuals participating in the Iowa Youth and Families Project. Family interactions were More

Marriage Research: Happy Teenage Years Lead To Happier Marriages

The Huffington Post: A new study suggests that teens who get along well with their families are more likely to have successful future marriages. The study, published in the journal Psychological Science found that 7th graders who experienced more positive engagement with their families also showed more positive engagement in More

Happy Home in Adolescence Tied to Good Marriages Later

LiveScience: Having a warm and supportive home during one’s teenage years may make for more satisfying marriages later on, new research suggests. Those who come from a family where people can talk positively through conflicts tend to bring the same supportive communication style to their marriages. And they tend to be More

A Positive Family Climate in Adolescence Is Linked to Marriage Quality in Adulthood

Experiencing a positive family climate as a teenager may be connected to your relationships later in life, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. While research has demonstrated long-term effects of aggression and divorce across generations, the impact of a positive More

Welche Gesten den Egoisten entlarven (The gestures that reveal the egoist)

Die Welt: Sie haben jemanden gerade erst kennen gelernt und trotzdem überkommt Sie bereits nach wenigen Minuten ein mulmiges Gefühl. Ihr Bauchgefühl sagt Ihnen, dass Sie dieser Person besser nicht vertrauen sollten. Doch wieso wirken manche Menschen auf uns eigentlich vertrauensvoll und andere nicht? Könnten Sie mit dem Finger darauf More