Health Effects of Stress

The nature/nurture interaction is a vibrant and important field of study in behavioral science. Terrie Moffitt has focused her research on how genes and environment can, in certain combinations, spur antisocial and criminal behaviors. Her groundbreaking research, in collaboration with psychological scientist Avshalom Caspi, showed that individuals with a specific More

La Stampa: Nelle coppie di fatto spesso si litiga, non c’è solidarietà. Questa solidarietà, che dovrebbe essere reciproca, spesso però viene a mancare. In molti casi la mancanza di sostegno avviene da parte sia di lui che di lei, ma può anche capitare che sia solo uno dei due partner More

Pacific Standard: Toxic relationships have long been linked to poorer health. But newly published research suggests that, to increase your chances of developing cardiovascular problems, you and your spouse don’t have to despise one another. Mutual ambivalence will do the trick. That’s the disturbing finding of a team of University More

As part of APS’s 25th anniversary celebration, the Board of Directors is honoring 25 distinguished scientists who have had a profound impact on the field of psychological science over the past quarter-century. These individuals received the James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award, honoring a lifetime of significant contributions to applied psychological More