False Memory

What Experts Wish You Knew about False Memories

Scientific American: Every memory you have ever had is chock-full of errors. I would even go as far as saying that memory is largely an illusion. This is because our perception of the world is deeply imperfect, our brains only bother to remember a tiny piece of what we actually More

The Memory Illusion

Scientific American: In my book The Memory Illusion I cover a wide spectrum of ways in which our memories can betray us, and why you may not be who you think you are. In celebration of the book’s publication, I’m pleased  to share with you a taste of some of the More

Who was a real US president, Alexander Hamilton or Chester Arthur? Most Americans get the answer wrong.

Discover: Americans aren’t exactly known for our knowledge of history (or geography, for that matter). But we should at least know our own presidents, right? Enter these researchers, who used an online survey to measure how well people can distinguish real US presidents from others with well-known or presidential-sounding names. More

How False Memory Changes What Happened Yesterday

Scientific American: Sometimes our memories are just made up. Our brains play tricks on us all the time, and these tricks can mislead us into believing we can accurately reconstruct our personal past. In reality, false memories are everywhere. False memories are recollections of things that you never actually experienced. More