Distance Perception

Psychologists link spatial perception to claustrophobic fear

Daily News & Analysis: People who project their personal space too far beyond their bodies, or the norm of arm’s reach, are more likely to experience claustrophobic fear, according to psychologists. “We’ve found that people who are higher in claustrophobic fear have an exaggerated sense of the near space surrounding More

Good Manners May Be a Pact to Reduce Physical Effort

U.S. News & World Report (HealthDay): Not only is holding the door open for others a nice gesture, it’s also a nod to the physical effort of those involved, researchers report. Their study, to be published in Psychological Science, combined two seemingly unrelated fields — altruism and motor control. “The More

More Reasons to Be Nice: It’s Less Work for Everyone

A polite act shows respect. But a new study of a common etiquette—holding a door for someone—suggests that courtesy may have a more practical, though unconscious, shared motivation: to reduce the work for those involved. The research, by Joseph P. Santamaria and David A. Rosenbaum of Pennsylvania State University, is More