Decision Making

A polite act shows respect. But a new study of a common etiquette—holding a door for someone—suggests that courtesy may have a more practical, though unconscious, shared motivation: to reduce the work for those involved. The research, by Joseph P. Santamaria and David A. Rosenbaum of Pennsylvania State University, is More

How worried are you about global warming? Are you buying compact florescent light bulbs?  Did you think more about gas mileage when buying your car? For the last several years, there has been increasing scientific consensus that global climate change is occurring, that this change could have serious consequences for More

CNN: This week there’s a somewhat bizarre study about whether judgment improves after drinking copious amounts of water, as well as research in Alzheimer’s disease and early childhood mental disorders. A little self-control Don’t make a hard decision with an empty bladder, suggests new research from the Netherlands. In a More