Criminal Justice

BBC: Scientists developed a way to measure levels of respect, based on the officers’ language during routine traffic stops in Oakland City. The study is published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. It aims to use bodycam footage to help improve police-community relations. While bodycam footage has been More

The New York Times: In the 1992 Supreme Court case Riggins v. Nevada, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy acknowledged — perhaps unwittingly — that our legal system relies on a particular theory of the emotions. The court had ruled that a criminal defendant could not forcibly be medicated to stand trial More

Many individuals have been falsely accused of a crime based, at least in part, on confident eyewitness identifications, a fact that has bred distrust of eyewitness confidence in the US legal system. But a new report challenges the perception that eyewitness memory is inherently fallible, finding that eyewitness confidence can More