Cognitive Processes

Seeing the Trees and Missing the Forest

The phenomenon known as holistic processing is best known in faces. Most people see faces as a whole, not as two eyes a nose, and a mouth. But holistic processing happens in other cases, too, and can even be taught. One possible explanation is that holistic processing emerges from expertise More

Erfolge machen männlich

Men’s Health Germany: Männlichkeit ist offenbar kein biologisches Phänomen, sondern sie hängt von der Wahrung der Ehre und Erfolgen ab, so eine US-Studie. Männern sei es wichtig vor anderen gut da zu stehen und als stark und furchtlos gelten, erklären die Studienleiter Jennifer K. Bosson und Joseph A. Vandello von More

The Rewards of Doing “Something”

People don’t really care what they’re doing — just as long as they are doing something. That’s one of the findings summarized in a new review article published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. When psychologists think about why people do what More

Can music delay dementia? What new study says

CBS News: Are flats and sharps the keys to mental sharpness? Preliminary research now links music lessons in childhood to greater mental acuity decades down the road. For a study published in the journal Neuropsychology, researchers recruited 70 healthy adults between 60 and 83 years of age and divided them More