Behavioral Science

La Mindfulness aiuta a fare scelte più intelligenti (Mindfulness helps you make smarter choices)

La Stampa: Bastano 15 minuti di meditazione Mindfulness (o Consapevolezza) per compiere scelte o prendere decisioni migliori, più intelligenti. Un solo quarto d’ora e ne beneficia dunque non solo il cervello, ma anche la propria vita, dimostrano ancora una volta l’efficacia di questo metodo tanto semplice quanto utile. Ad aver More

Meditation Makes People Feel Better. Can It Help You Work Smarter, Too?

Businessweek: Meditating can ease stress, insomnia, and depression and may even help ward off disease. Now there’s evidence it can produce better business decisions. A new study suggests meditating can help business people change course when initial plans don’t work out. People often stick with decisions because they don’t want More

Behavior’s Influence on Biology

One of the basic tenets of psychological science holds that the biology of our brains heavily influences our actions, behaviors, judgments, and more. But what if we reverse that premise and examine an opposite supposition: that our choices and decisions may influence our physical neural structure? Several prominent psychological scientists More