Children Prefer Peers Who Share Their Beliefs (APSSC Award Winner)

My name is Larisa Heiphetz from Harvard University and I presented my research at the APS 23rd Annual Convention in Washington, DC. In two studies on belief-based preference, 6-9-year-old children reported preferences for religious in-group members and for peers who shared their religious, factual, and preference-based beliefs. These experiments demonstrate More

Joy of Theorizing

There’s the Joy of Cooking, the Joy of Sex, and now … the Joy of Theorizing. Daniel Wegner has created more than his share of influential theories in psychology, and in his William James Fellow Award Address at this year’s APS Convention, the Harvard psychological scientist reflected on what theories More

How We Decide

What decisions we make and how we arrive at them – those questions served as the backdrop for yesterday’s “Choices” theme program at the APS 23rd Annual Convention. But the program’s four presenters answered these questions in surprisingly different ways. Dan Ariely of Duke University described the situations that lead More