Aronson Talks to Teenagers in the APS Bring-the-Family Address

Designed to be both informative and entertaining, the Bring-the-Family Address is the perfect way in which to share your enthusiasm for psychology with your family and friends. Substantive psychological issues and research are discussed in a relaxed, accessible fashion that everyone can understand and appreciate.

This year’s talk is titled, “Adventures in Applying Social Psychology: How to Convince Sexually Active Teenagers to Use Condoms.” It will be delivered by Elliot Aronson, of the Univ. of California-Santa Cruz.

The lecture is at 8 PM, Saturday May 24.

“There is no cure for AIDS, but it is preventable,” said Aronson. “Most sexually active teenagers know that condoms, when properly used, are an effective way to protect themselves against AIDS. Yet, tragically, only a small percentage use condoms regularly. How can we cut through their feelings of invulnerability and convince them to use condoms?

After several false starts, my students and I have come up with a promising strategy that seems to work.”

This year’s Bring-the-Family Address, sponsored by Psi Chi, may not be suitable for children ages 13 and younger.

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